Strategic Investments in Technology

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Key investments in technology have allowed our company to react quickly to our customers’ dynamic requirements.

  • Investments in advanced data analytics and information systems drive efficiencies in the product manufacturing lifecycle.
  • Advances in autonomous welding and cutting platforms increase the reliability and consistency of product construction.
  • Technologies such as advanced shipping tags, RFID and IoT drive better process predictability and quality.
  • Facility advances decrease handling and drive efficiency.

Creating Greater Value Through Transparency

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EPIC MATVIS provides clients access to advanced project analytics, fixed reports, secure file data exchange, and more.

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  • Powerful analytics engine with drill through decision support
  • Detailed reporting on demand
  • Secure document exchange and collaboration
  • MATVIS Track and Trace Powered by Jovix allowing for material visibility and control throughout the pre-installation lifecycle

Maintain Visibility From Fab to Install

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MATVIS Track & Trace is an RFID-based solution for pipe spool visibility from fabrication to installation and it’s powered by Jovix® – an award-winning Material Readiness™ application designed specifically for industrial construction.

By digitizing and automating the manual, paper-based data collection of construction’s past, MatVis Track & Trace provides real-time visibility to all stakeholders throughout your supply chain. Employing a combination of web-based server software, mobile devices, and smart RFID tags, MatVis Track & Trace removes impediments to productivity and ensures workers have the pipe spools they need in order to spend more time on tools.


Benefits of MATVIS Track & Trace

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Reduced Construction Costs

Reduced direct and indirect labor and cuts materials spending 

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Project Schedule

Ability to find pipe spools efficiently in the Laydown and on the Work Front directly impacts time on tools 

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Insight into pipe spool status and location earlier and later than ever before 

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Backed by Jovix, including use on 5 continents, 10 countries, 45 projects, 300+ sites, $300B+ TIC, 3.5M+ materials tracked, 4300+ users

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Continuous research on product improvements and enhancements from the latest technologies 

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Leverage “Logic Rules” for location and status updates as tags are read by readers

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Ease of Use

MatVis Track & Trace provides all components for a full turnkey solution

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Pipe spool status serves as a proxy for Work Package constraints 

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