Pipe Fabrication

Strategically Located for Global Supply

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Global pipe fabrication capacity exceeds 1 million square feet, with a total production capacity of 20,000 spools per month.
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Pipe Fabrication Regions
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Pipe Fabrication Dots
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Spool Detailing & Advanced Material Management

In-house data driven spool detailing and material management process

ISO Certified Quality Program

Best in class global quality management systems drives a continuous improvement culture

Multi-Process Welding and Robotics Program

Robotic cutting and welding machines in each facility to increase efficiency and reduce production time.

In-House NDE & Heat Treatment Services

In-House stress relief to reduce and redistribute the residual stresses in the material that have been introduced by welding.

Climate Controlled Blast & Coating Services

State-of-the-art painting and blasting booths on site to support your projects.

Live Spool Tracking with Advanced Project Analytics

Our global manufacturing system allows for seamless execution of large capital project across multiple Epic facilities leveraging the MATVIS™ information management platform

Spool Detailing & Material Management

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  • Epic’s Isometric (ISO) to Fabrication process is governed by its propriety use of its data-driven, integrated engineering, material management, fabrication, and quality platforms.
  • Advanced material management processes assure efficient tracking of the material supply chain to minimize waste and provide real-time visibility into material shortages.
  • Worldwide mill and distribution sourcing combined with onsite inventory streamlines your supply chain efforts reducing material risk.

System Highlights:

  • Production Progress
  • Electronic ISO data ingestion and spooling
  • Advanced Work Packaging – capture planning data which can be used to drive sequencing and priority of fabrication execution
  • Electronic detailing and real-time integration with Epic’s manufacturing & quality systems
  • Integration with Epic’s MATVIS™ system providing customers real-time tracking of ISOs, spools, and work packages

Multi-Process Welding & Robotics

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Epic employs state-of-the-art multi-process welding (GMAW/GTAW/FCAW/SAW) capabilities throughout its facilities.


  • Welding cells with automated headstocks maximize fixed position welding
  • All welding machines are equipped with dual process (GMAW/GTAW) quick change capabilities
  • Fabrication bays are strategically equipped for optimal process by metallurgy, size, & thickness

Automated Welding & Cutting

  • CNC plasma systems for pipe and plate with nesting streamline cutting functions
  • Semi-automated welding stations maximize efficiency and deposition
  • Fully automated robotic welders allow for high-volume welding with consistent quality and throughput
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In-House NDE & Heat Treatment Services

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Full in-house non-destructive testing and heat treatment services are available at all Epic facilities. These services are integrated throughout the manufacturing process to minimize handling and maximize time on tools.

Services include:

  • Digital radiographic (RT) testing
  • Pipe spool hydro-testing
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Mag Particle Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Delta Ferrite Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Electric resistance heat treatment systems
  • Multi-bed gas heat treatment furnace systems
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